1. Provision and retention of personal information

When we collect personal information from a customer or retain it, we clearly indicate or notify the customer in advance of the purpose for doing so and in what scope the information will be used.

2. Management of personal information

We have regulations concerning the handling and protection of personal information and implement them across the company to ensure the security of personal information provided by customers or retained by us. We do not disclose personal information to any third party unless it falls under any of the conditions specified below. If we provide personal information to a third-party contractor, we ensure that it is kept secret by concluding a non-disclosure agreement with the contractor, as well as converting the information to be provided to the contractor into an anonymized form whenever possible.

・The person related to the said personal information has consented to disclosure to a third party;
・We have concluded a non-disclosure agreement with a third-party contractor and entrust all or part of our operation of handling personal information to the contractor to the extent necessary for fulfilling the purpose of use;
・The disclosure of the personal information is required by a court or by law
・Personal information is disclosed in a form such that specific individuals cannot be identified from it; or
・The information is disclosed to protect the rights or property of the Company.

However, we do not disclose sensitive information related to an individual to any third party in any case.

3. Use of personal information

We use personal information only within the scope indicated, notified or published by us, or consented to by the individual when it was collected or provided. We use the following personal information collected or provided in the course of our normal business activities when it is necessary to contact the individuals to which the personal information pertains: personal information collected from business cards or the like; personal information collected from the Internet, official gazettes, employee directories or the like; and personal information collected from inquiries or requests for information materials or the like.
The personal information specified above may also be used for communicating information on our products or services.

We do not use personal information retained under a medical service contract or any other contract with a medical institution in compliance with the Medical Service Act and other applicable laws and regulations related to pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, except for the purpose of providing appropriate services and ensuring traceability.

4. Types of personal information we use

• Name of an individual
• The group or organization to which the individual belongs, the address, phone number and E-mail address of the individual
• Inquiry history
• Inquiry and purchase history for our products
• Information on our products, equipment and related materials used by the individual

We provide our officers and employees with training on how to protect and properly manage personal information to ensure that it is properly handled in daily operations.

5. Use purposes

Personal information that we collect or receive is used for the following purposes:
•To process requests from customers or fulfill obligations under contract with customers;
•To contact customers;
•To confirm the locations where our products or equipment are installed and other related information;
•To communicate information on trade shows, seminars, products, and services;
•To manage the maintenance history of products and equipment and to provide proper services;
•To collect quality information and feedback for development and production; and
•To conduct any other activities related to the activities stipulated above.

6. Entity collecting personal information

Fukuda Sangyo Co., Ltd.

7. Contact

If you wish to confirm (disclosure), correct or delete personal information that pertains to you and that we retain, please contact the following office.
We respond only to requests from the individual to which the requested personal information pertains. The requestor is required to present proof of his/her identification.

996 Nazukari, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture 270-0145
Fukuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. Phone +81-4-7147-1622
* Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00
* When you call the number, please explain that you are calling to inquire about the Policy for Protecting Personal Information.
* You may also send an inquiry from the Contact page on our website.